Halloween Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips for Kids

trick-or-treatPlanning in advance planning will allow you and your kids to have a good time while collecting candy during Halloween while remaining safe. When choosing children’s costumes, avoid outfits that restrict arm and leg movements. Also look for bright colors and flame-retardant materials.
Consider adding reflective tape to costumes and bags. You can get kids involved by encouraging them to find creative ways to add the tape and to design a trick-or-treating bag that matches their costumes while incorporating the same reflective tape pattern.tape

Vision matters

Make sure kids can see well out of masks, helmets and anything else that covers their faces. Try using the eyeholes for any costume yourself. If you have trouble seeing, so will your children. Stay away from masks with slits, and cut out larger eyeholes when necessary.

Supervise them

If your children go to a Halloween party, make sure adults will be present to supervise. Do not send children to a party if you don’t know the host parents well.
Otherwise, coordinate with other parents in your neighborhood so a large group of children can go out together. This provides increased safety. Identify the streets you will visit before setting out, being sure to choose areas you already know.

Walk this way

well litInstruct children to stay on the sidewalks and brightly lit paths. Keep an eye out for cars. Only knock on the doors of homes that are well-lit, and never send younger children up to a house by themselves. You, as a parent, or another trusted adult should always walk with the kids to the doorway.

Safety first

Make sure all children know their parents’ phone number and their own home addresses. It is also important to teach kids how to react if someone offers them something other than a treat or tries to get them to go into a house or car. Teach them to yell “No!” in such situations, and assure them that it is OK to fight back. Teach them how to dial 911 in case of an emergency.
Last, do not let kids eat any treats until an adult has checked through their candy haul.


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