Halloween Lighting Ideas

Halloween lightingHalloween gives you the opportunity to convert your home and yard into anything from a vampire’s castle to a spooky mansion to a haunted graveyard. The right kind of Halloween lighting can help create the authentic, eerie effect you’re after no matter what type of scene you want to set.

With a simple click of the mouse you can access many different kinds of indoor and outdoor Halloween lights online. Be it dim flickering lights, a haunting glow or bright flashes of lightning, here’s how to create just the right mood for your Halloween scene.

Decorations that light up

Inflatable vampires, werewolves and black cats that light up are a good option if you’re planning a graveyard or vampire theme. Place them in your yard next to fake tombstones or on your porch. Decorations with motion sensors glow when someone gets close, giving the unsuspecting victim a good fright. Spiders fitted with LED green lights and door panels with pictures of cackling witches in front of a bubbling cauldron that light up when guests arrive are perfect Halloween door greeters.

Flickering lights

Flickering lights do wonders to heighten a spooky atmosphere. A Halloween pumpkin with a flickering light placed on your dimly lit porch will create an eerie mood. Hang evil-faced masks with blinking lights along the eaves of your porch to greet trick-or-treaters. Drape orange blinking string lights on the trees in your yard and accentuate their effect by placing orange pumpkin lights at the front door.

Pathway markers and string lights

Greet your Halloween guests with color changing pathway markers on the driveway or sidewalk leading to your front door. Twisted tree stumps that light up and tombstones with LED strobe lights are good lighting decorations for outdoor spaces. String lights with dangling eyeballs or blood drops can be draped along a fence or used indoors to decorate a mantle.

Flood lights and strobe lights

Flood lights can be placed behind tombstones, haunted portraits and other props to highlight them with an eerie glow. To add to the spooky ambience, use strobe lights with sound effects of a deep, rumbling thunder or a fog machine.

Have a Bright and Safe Halloween

Interesting lighting heightens the fun of Halloween, but you should always keep your family’s safety in mind. Here are a few tips to help you celebrate a safe Halloween:

  • Inspect your electrical decorations and check for loose connections, un-insulated wires and unsafe sockets.
  • When fixing lights outdoors, make sure to fasten them securely to prevent them from being blown away by the spirited autumn winds.
  • Use decorations with rounded edges or cushion sharp edges with rubber pads if you have little children.
  • Remember to turn off the lights before going to bed and celebrate an eco-friendly and safe Halloween.

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