Halloween Easy Treats

By Natalie McNeal

Sure, Easter arts and crafts are adorable, but Halloween preparations are where the real creative people shine!  If you want your home to be the talk of the town, I’ve complied some easy to make Halloween treats that will trick your friends and family into thinking you are a frighteningly good cook!

Here’s to the Best of the Boo-Worthy Bites!!

1) Bleeding Hearts Punch: A little bloody looking punch never hurt a soul, eh? This recipe, which calls for  strawberries, cranberry juice from concentrate and and sparkling water. I love something that is both gory, gross and good for you!

2) Creepy Nightcrawler Apple: Sure, Snow White may have had a hard time with poisoned apples, but I think apples decorated with nightcrawlers (really gummy worms) are kind of awesome. This spooktacular recipe calls for gummy worms, a sweet jam, apples and butter. It’s an interesting and worthwhile combination to treat the kids.

3) Deviled Eyes: If you want everyone to keep an “eye out” for your great Halloween treats, consider a new twist on the Deviled Eggs recipe: Deviled EYES! What I love most about this recipe is that the boiled egg has a similar consistency as a real eye. Ew!!!

4) Pickled Brains: To really freak out your family, a pickled brain recipe using cauliflower is both healthy and horrifying! Tell the little ones that if they don’t do well in school, their brain is going to end up in a pickle jar ! I bet the next report card will be much better.The recipe also uses vinegar, mustard seeds, onions and salt and sugar.


For more Halloween Tips & Ideas, visit the Kmart Halloween Hub.


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