Halloween Craft Projects for Little Hands

craft suppliesKids love creating things that let them express their ideas and indulge in some fun-filled paint smearing. This Halloween, spend some quality time with your children helping them create innovative decorations. Halloween is all about spooky surprises and when it comes to surprises, the more creative the better. Here are a few easy craft projects you and your child can do together to have fun during Halloween.

Dangling spiders

Spiders are a creepy crawly, but fun, Halloween decoration for kids to make. They heighten the spooky feel and are perfect for creating a chilling atmosphere. Dangling spiders are even better as they can be hung around the house or in the yard from trees to give trick-or-treaters the creeps. In a few simple steps, you can create spindly spiders out of readily available materials.

To create the body of the spider, color a foam coffee cup with black glitter paint. When it dries, poke a hole through the center of its base. Cut eyes and a U-shaped mouth out of craft foam, felt or construction paper and glue it on the cup. Use crayons, craft paint or markers to make the eyes and mouth look as realistic as possible. An expressive face will breathe life into your spider.

Glue black pipe cleaners to the base of the cup and bend them at the “knees” and “ankles” to create the legs. Tie a knot at the end of a length of string before slipping it through the hole in the center. Tie the other end of the string over a tree branch and your spider is ready to go.

Mummify your Water Bottle

This craft project is ideal for the little ones. All you need is gauze bandages, ready-made wiggly eyes and glue. Apply glue on the water bottle and wrap the bandage around it. Glue on wiggly eyes to give your mummy a cute, comical look. You can also draw your own evil-looking eyes or a twisted mouth to give your mummy a scary face.

 ‘Eye-Balls’ to Keep Watch

Take two white rubber balls and use fabric paint to paint a medium sized green circle on them. If you don’t have white balls, paint any two balls white and let them dry. Paint smaller black circles inside the green circles to make them look like pupils. Create the impression of blood-filled veins by drawing thin, squiggly lines with red paint. Place the balls on a window sill near your front door to make trick-or-treaters feel as if they’re being watched.

Frankenstein Trick-or-Treat Box

Make a spooky Frankenstein-face box to collect Halloween treats by following these easy steps.

Glue green construction paper or felt to an old cereal box or similar shaped box. Cut a 2-inch strip of black construction paper or felt with a scissors and give it a zigzag bottom edge for the hair. Glue the paper or felt to the top rim of the box. Stick on craft foam eyes, nose, ears and mouth to create the monster’s face. To create jutting electrodes, attach gray-painted bottle corks to the sides of the box with glue.

Share your favorite Halloween craft project with the community in the Comments section below.


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