Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Are you getting down to the wire with your Christmas shopping and find that you’ve run out of ideas for stocking stuffers? Avoid repeating the same small gifts each year by using the following ideas for great cheap stocking stuffers.

money clipCreative stocking stuffers for adults

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to Christmas stockings. Everyone gets a kick out of finding these small treasures.

  • Women. Many women have trouble sleeping at night. Slip in a soothing sleep mask as a welcome and cheap stocking stuffer. For busy moms who feel like they have to carry everything but the kitchen sink in their handbag, stuff a compact mini first aid kit in her stocking.
  • Men. Guys aren’t as hard to buy for as you think. Show him the convenience of using a personalized money clip. Most men don’t take care of their skin properly, especially in winter. Put a natural body moisturizer in a manly scent into his stocking and encourage him to use it.

Great stocking stuffers for teenagers

Stocking stuffers for teens can be tricky. This age includes a wide span of maturity levels, which makes the success of your stocking stuffer even more difficult.

  • Teen girls. Teen girls are often obsessed with their favorite celebrities and their appearance. Selena Gomez is a favorite of millions of teen girls. Make one of her fans happy with a piece of her jewelry for this winning stocking-stuffer idea. An older teen girl who sleeps with her smart phone will think you’re cool when you tuck a trendy new cover into her stocking.
  • Teen boys. While girls are starting to gain importance in a teen boy’s life, there are many other interests for this age group. Young teen boys are hip to the latest superhero movies, and many have action figure collections in sizes easy to stuff into a stocking. A great cheap stocking-stuffer idea for older teen boys is a couple of new USB flash drives.

Crayola  Pip-Squeaks MarkersBest stocking stuffers for younger kids

Coming up with unique stocking-stuffer ideas is easier and less expensive with younger kids who aren’t as fussy as their older siblings.

  • Adolescent girls. Bring out a young girl’s artistic ability by stuffing her stocking with artistic tools such as Pip-Squeaks markers. Preteens already know that they can make a personal statement by wearing trendy jewelry. Choose a meaningful charm or colorful bracelet in a cool design that will make her friends say, “Wow, I wish I had one of those!”
  • Adolescent boys. Something “flashy” is at the top of the list of great cheap stocking stuffers for young boys older than age 5. What boy wouldn’t want to create a fireworks show on his shoes with a clip-on light show? Excite a tween boy with a set of cool lightweight earbuds for the mp3 player that’s always attached to his head.

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