Great Halloween Decorating Tips

All Hallow’s Eve, or Halloween for you non-witches and warlocks, is one of the best holidays of the year for three reasons: 1) Crazy costumes 2) Delicious candy and 3) Scaring and tricking your loved ones! Get your home in the spooky scary spirit of Halloween with these great decorating ideas.


While fall is pumpkin season, Halloween is the pumpkin Super Bowl. It’s a day where they can be the center of attention, get dolled up and really be fun for the whole family. So go to your nearest farmer’s market or grocery store, because these bad boys are definitely in season and you’ll want to pick the best one for your Jack-O-lantern.

All you need is a pumpkin, a safety knife, something to dig out the pumpkin innards, and most of all, creativity!

Spider webs and skeletons

Store bought isn’t necessarily all bad. Sometimes the easiest way to get in the holiday spirit is to go out and buy a few pertinent decorations. Say, for instance, a scary, gross spider web to drape over your front entrance and foliage or maybe a hanging skeleton that provides just the right amount of fright.

It’s amazing what a few decorations can do. Then you add music, turn out the lights and voila, your house is a little less inviting. (But it still won’t stop kids from asking for candy!)


People might not realize it, but kids remember the houses that gave them the best candy. Even worse, they remember the houses that didn’t. So err on the side of caution and make sure you have the best candy on the block. Splurge for the full-size candy bars and you’ll make the year for every little Spiderman and Princess that comes knocking on your door.


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