Great Easter Recipes for your Celebration

by Lindsey Paholski

Holidays are about more than just food, but you must admit that the food still plays a huge role in the festivities. Sitting down for a delicious meal around the table is the perfect way to celebrate a special day with family and friends. This year, get ready for Easter by planning a menu with a few new recipes to go with your family’s classics.

Easter brunch ideascinnamon-roll

When you’re making an Easter brunch, you definitely need to include eggs. They’re a festive part of the holiday, plus they’re a filling and flavorful component to many brunch dishes. As your main dish, prepare an egg casserole the evening before, refrigerate it, and bake it on Easter morning. As the key ingredients, use sausage, cheese, croutons, and vegetables, plus a batter of eggs and milk poured over it all to hold it together. Adjust the vegetables and other flavorings in the recipe to suit your taste. Plan some side dishes for your Easter brunch, too. Seasonal fruit salad is a winning pick for everyone, or you could blend the fruits into a smoothie. Also consider making a cinnamon-raisin swirl bread, or even cinnamon rolls, to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

honey glazed ham

Complete Easter dinner menu

For many families, Easter dinner is a classic meal, so you need to have those dishes everybody expects. Ham is the most common meat, so bake one up with a honey or brown sugar glaze and serve up a slice or two for everyone. In addition, make some cheesy scalloped potatoes, or perhaps simple baked sweet potatoes if you prefer a low fat alternative.

Green bean casserole is another classic Easter side dish, but you can also try steamed green beans with almonds and lemon juice, or even asparagus if you want to be fancy. For a kid-friendly side, make some glazed baby carrots that taste almost like candy. Serve everything up with some sweet yeast rolls, or even stuffing if your family prefers it.

Festive Easter dessertschocolate bunny

Finish off your Easter meal with some sweet treats, or if you’re eating at someone else’s home, plan to have these with your family during another time of the day. You can even tuck some types of treats into your kids’ Easter baskets. For example, make sweet little Easter bunnies by rolling marshmallows in white frosting and coconut flakes and decorating the faces with small candies.

For a more elegant Easter dessert, try a traditional carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Bunnies eat carrots, so they’re perfect for the holiday. Lemon cake with raspberry filling is another delicious dessert you can make, and it’s delightfully light after a big meal. You can also consider putting together a berry shortcake, tart, or trifle to enjoy the light and tart flavors associated with spring.

Easter recipes have different associations for different people, often based on how your family celebrated Easter when you were growing up. Whether you hold onto the old or embrace the new, focus on preparing foods that the people you’re celebrating with this year will appreciate. Plus, remember that the food is just there to facilitate the celebration, so regardless of what you’re eating, make sure to relax and enjoy the people you’re eating with!


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