Gifts for Dads and Gifts for Grads

Father’s Day Gifts

1. Flat Screen TV

What dad doesn’t want a nice large flat screen hanging on the wall? Not only are they light so dad doesn’t hurt himself moving it, but the picture is spectacular. A new TV for dad to enjoy his sports on is always a good gift. Check out 42-inch Panasonic Viera TC-P42C2 Plasma reviews.

2. Multi-Use Tool

Like most dads, yours probably has a long honey-do list from mom. Help him out with a new multi-use tool. He can cut into and sand many different surfaces, all with one tool! You will make him happy by saving him time and energy.

3. Grill

Is it a coincidence that father’s day is around the official start of summer? What makes dad feel manlier than a nice large grill to cook on. Help dad out find a new place to hang out and he might even cook for your graduation party! Check out Kenmore 4 Burner Gas Grill reviews.

4. Golf Balls

With golf season upon us, there is no better time to help your dad upgrade his golf game than with some new balls. All of your dad’s friends will be jealous as they watch his bright new ball soar over the fair way.

5. Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

When nice weather shows up, so does yard work. This father’s day, think about buying you dad a self propelled lawn mower. The wheels will do all of the work so he only needs to keep it going in the right direction.

Graduation Gifts

1. Laptop

A nice laptop will probably be at the top of every new grad’s wish list. Buy them a laptop with a large enough hard drive so they can store all of their files, from music to homework. If you have a gamer, you might want to invest a little more for a newer and faster processor and video card.

2. Basic tool set

Every grad should have a basic set of tools. From hammers to screw drivers to needle nose pliers, you never know when they will need to assemble something new or just tighten a door handle. A good basic set of tools will last them a long time and help them fix things that you couldn’t even imagine.

3. iPod/MP3 Player

Almost everyone has an MP3 player these days. Think about rewarding your grad with a new iPod touch. Not only is it great for listening to music but there are apps for everything from weather to news and games. You cannot go wrong by giving your grad an iPod because it will provide hours upon hours of entertainment. Check out iPod Touch 32GB reviews.

4. Luggage

It might not sound like the greatest of gifts but graduates have a lot of travel ahead of them. Whether they are moving an hour away or 10, they will be able to organize and pack their most valuable items and clothes in a nice set of luggage. Find a set that has wheels for easy portability!

5. Mini fridge

Grads going off to college will appreciate this gift because they will have a place to store small quantities of food. After eating dorm food, any recent grad will be happy to have a place to store jelly. The small ones do not hold much at all, so think about buying your grad a medium to large mini fridge so they can accommodate all their needs.


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  1. Great guide! I always struggle with a gift for my dad and what to get grads every year so this was a big help!