Get Your Ghoul on with the Kmart Kreator Kontest

Halloween would be incomplete without all the crazy, fun, creative, extravagant Halloween costumes people wear. Some of us have a real knack for creating elaborate and original get-ups that earn us compliments and well-deserved attention. If you enjoy playing costume designer every Halloween, Kmart’s Kreator Kontest will absolutely delight you.

This virtual costume contest gives you the opportunity to dress a Kreature in a costume you’ve designed and win a prize for your innovative genius. Here’s everything you need to know about the Kmart Kreator Kontest and how you can win fame with your friends and fortune for your piggy bank. So, put on your creative caps and join the fun. Here’s how:

How do I create my Kreature?

Click on the “Kreate your own” tab on the Kmart Kreator Kontest page and follow six simple steps to create an unforgettable Kreature. First, you’ll need to select a costume theme. Different themes are available, such as superheroes, zombies, princesses or pirates. All you food lovers can experiment with the food and beverage themes and dress your Kreature as a pop can or a yummy burger. You can opt for an animal or insect theme if the creatures of the jungle fascinate you. Choose a theme that interests you and move on to the next stage.

Then you select a costume from a myriad of costumes available. You’re sure to find a costume that’ll suit your Kreature best. Add a personal touch to your Kreature by uploading a photo of yourself. Next you can choose accessories such as colorful wigs, masks, eyeglasses, swords, butterfly wings or even a witch’s broom to make your Kreature truly unique.

Set your Kreature in a backdrop by pulling the “Space and time machine” lever. Give your Kreature a name as a finishing touch, and save it for all to see. Follow these simple steps to create as many Kreatures as you like. All you’ll need to do then is await the voting results.

What else can I do?

If you’re up to the task, you can also judge the Kostumes other people have created. Click on the “Kostume Kontest” tab to vote for a creation you think is deserving of your vote. The top 10 Kreatures with the most votes will be featured on the Kostume Kreator page. Check back regularly to find out who the favorites are. Recently created Kreatures are also listed on this page.

If you especially like a costume featured in a Kreation, you can buy a similar one for yourself with a couple clicks of your mouse. The “Real costumes from Kmart” section links you to similar costumes available at Kmart so you can dress like the creature you designed, or another one you saw. Pick a unique costume and go out for some fun-filled trick-or-treating.

What can I win?

The five Kreatures with the most votes every week until Halloween wins a $25 Kmart Gift Card. On Halloween, the grand prize winner of $100 Kmart Gift Card will be whoever has the highest combined score for all their Kreatures.

So, have fun this Halloween season by creating lots of Kreatures. The more you create, the better chance you have to win. Good luck!


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