Easter Gift Ideas other than Chocolate or Candy

Ah, Easter. The word conjures up images of pastel eggs and little pink bunnies frolicking in meadows. It also conjures up images of chocolate-stained faces, stomach aches and trips to the dentist.

Babies with Easter toys and eggsThe fact is that not all kids can safely indulge in the sugary candy and chocolate found in most Easter baskets. Some children have health issues that limit sugar, while others are affected by the dyes and chemicals in many traditional Easter candies. Even if your children don’t have any health issues, you may not want them to dive into an entire basket filled with candy.

Luckily, there are plenty of Easter gift ideas that can surprise and delight your children without added sugar, fat, calories or chemicals. Whether you’re interested in eliminating candy altogether, or you’re just looking to supplement a traditional Easter basket with a few non-food items, here are some ideas for you.

Easter means that spring has arrived, so outdoor toys are the perfect gift.

  • Sidewalk chalk can provide hours of outdoor fun for kids of all ages. And as a bonus, you’ll get a beautifully-decorated driveway for pennies.
  • Active toys like skipping ropes, balls and Frisbees encourage physical activity, cooperation and outdoor play.
  • Bike accessories like streamers, horns, bells and baskets are perfect for this time of year. Your child will be itching to hop on his or her bike.
  • Bubbles are a great way to welcome the spring. Older kids can blow them, while littler ones love chasing them around.

That said, spring often means rain – and lots of it – so you might want to consider adding some indoor toys to keep your kids busy and happy when they can’t play outside.

  • Most children appreciate art supplies. Whether you choose simple things like construction paper and crayons, or you go all-out with glitter, feathers and pipe cleaners, your child will be delighted with new art supplies.
  • Books are a beautiful addition to an Easter basket. Consider a themed book about spring or Easter. Or perhaps your child would prefer a non-fiction book about rodents – like the Easter Bunny!
  • You can make or buy Play-Doh in pastel colors and encourage your child to create an Easter egg factory, making beautiful eggs and “candy” from the squishy stuff.

But what about the egg hunt?

The Easter egg hunt is arguably the most exciting part of Easter for kids – and parents.  We all love watching our children run around gathering eggs in baskets and squealing with joy every time they find a new one.

There’s nothing that says that Easter egg hunts have to involve candy or chocolate, though. You can hide plastic eggs filled with coins. For just a few dollars, you’ll have some very happy children. Or if you prefer, you can fill eggs with Lego pieces, stickers, temporary tattoos, costume jewelry or other small toys. Small healthy snacks like grapes, dry cereal, crackers or nuts also fit nicely into plastic eggs.


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