Easter Basket Ideas

by Jeanne Dininni

Creating Easter morning excitement is easy when you have a few great kids’ Easter basket ideas to inspire you. Whether you’d like to give your child an adorable pre-assembled Easter basket or put a little more creativity into filling a basket yourself, here are some fun Easter basket ideas for kids of all ages.

6 months to 2 years

GirlsMegatoys Baby Girl's First Easter Basket

Our pink-themed Megatoys baby girl’s first Easter basket comes pre-filled with a darling plush bunny, baby blanket, soft washcloth, and picture frame — all tucked inside a decorative storage box. It’s the perfect Easter gift for your little sweetheart.

Boys or Girls

Prestige Toys  Infant's Musical Plush Giraffe ToyThe blue-themed Megatoys baby’s first Easter basket set is a great idea for a little boy or girl. It contains an adorable brown plush monkey, animal washcloth, baby blanket and photo frame nestled inside a decorative container. The green-themed version features the cutest plush elephant and all the items listed above. For your little one’s homemade Easter basket, Prestige Toys musical plush giraffe will delight your little guy or gal every time it plays the ABC song.

Ages 2-4

GirlsHello Kitty Jumbo Plush Easter Basket

Your preschool-aged girl will love the ready-to-fill Hello Kitty medium or jumbo plush Easter basket. These baskets are cute, cuddly, and soft — the perfect combination for a little girl.

Fillers: A bunny story book, Easter DVD, or 14.5-inch plush Easter bunny will bring your little girl hours of fun.


Spider-Man  Medium Plush Easter Basket Our ready-to-fill Spiderman medium or jumbo plush Easter basket or Elmo jumbo plush Easter basket will make your little guy feel special on Easter morning.

Fillers: The play Doh excavator or power crane set will keep him busy Easter morning and long after Easter has ended.


Ages 5-7Megatoys  Girl's Sports Ball Easter Basket


The super-sized Megatoys girl’s sports ball Easter basket contains a soccer ball, basketball, playground ball, water bottle, chalk, jump rope, and plenty of Easter goodies to round out the package and make sure your girl has hours of fun on Easter Sunday.

A 19-inch pink plush bunny and the Barbie, Chelsea, and Tawny gift set will add real pizzazz to your homemade basket and give your girl an extra-special Easter treat.


Megatoys  Truck Easter Basket The Megatoys truck Easter basket features trucks, race cars, a trailer, and plenty of Easter treats to power his play.

For a homemade basket, the Lego city fire truck set will put hours of creative fun and play at your little firefighter’s fingertips.



Ages 8-12

GirlsBarbie and Teresa Models Gift Set

Megatoys’ “The Cat” headphones Easter gift box includes headphones, pink drawstring bag with logo, sweets and a decorative box, so your tween girl can enjoy her favorite tunes.

The Barbie and Teresa gift set would be the icing on the cake for your girl’s homemade basket this Easter.


Our Megatoys Batman headphones Easter gift box features headphones, theme-colored drawstring bags with the Batman logo, candy and a decorative box for loads of listening fun this Easter. There’s a Superman version if that’s more your boy’s style.

13-inch Sports Bunny - Beige with Baseball For your boy’s homemade basket, our 13-inch plush sports bunny comes in three styles, depending on whether your young sportsman is a basketball, baseball or soccer fan.

No matter what your child’s age, these Easter basket ideas should give you a great start toward planning an Easter your children are sure to enjoy.


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