Dress Your Growing Baby for Autumn’s Colder Weather

Baby-boy-in-autumn-leavesWarm baby clothes are a fall and winter necessity, but dressing your baby or toddler for cold weather can be a concern for a young parent. You want to make sure your baby’s warm, but without overdressing him. Babies overheat just like anyone else does, and it can make them cranky.

The solution is to dress your baby the same way you dress yourself. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, your child will be comfortable in similar clothing. Choose versatile layers that keep out the chill but don’t overheat your child.

Toddler-girl's-pink-cat-hoodieFall baby clothes

Don’t get out your child’s snowsuit on the first day of fall. Instead, start to switch to heavier pants and shirts and add a cute hooded jacket for windy days and cool evenings. Baby and toddler girls will look adorable in this cute pink cat hoodie, shown at right, with perky ears and an accent bow. An infant or toddler boy’s hooded jacket can let him dress as a dragon, with shiny graphics, a spiky hood and hand-warmer pockets.

Rainwear is another good idea for fall. Kids can wear it all year, but it’s especially useful in fall’s readily changing weather. This toddler boy’s rain jacket, shown at right, has strips of reflective material to make your child easier to see on dark days. It’s hooded, softly lined and machine-washable. A toddler girl’s hooded rain jacket in light pink will show up in gloomy fall weather. Choose one that’s lined and machine-washable.

Dress baby for colder weather

In colder weather, babies should always wear a hat outside because they lose body Baby-cap-cllectionheat if their heads aren’t covered. This cap collection, shown at right, is a good choice, because the caps have cuffs to help keep them snug and they come in a range of cute colors and patterns. Mittens are a necessity, too, to keep little fingers toasty warm.

A heavy snowsuit or pram suit is good to have if you take your baby to the park in her stroller. If you’re just carrying her out to the car, though, it’s better to dress her slightly less warmly and wrap her in a blanket. Then, when the car warms up, you can easily take off the blanket and she won’t be too warm.

For baby sleepwear, choose a footed sleeper or put on a pair of socks. Babies sometimes kick off their blankets and then wake up crying because they’re cold. Toddlers usually keep their blankets on, so dress them in winter-weight jammies, perhaps with a T-shirt underneath.


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