Dress Up Your Toddler for Thanksgiving

boy in turtleneck sweaterDressing up your toddler for a special event or celebration like Thanksgiving can be fun as they look adorable in their cute little special outfits. With so many styles and cute motifs to choose from, it’s just as important to decide which outfit will keep your little one most comfortable as well as look stylish.

Be inspired by fall colors when choosing a Thanksgiving outfit for your little one. Rich chocolate brown, tan, garnet, maize, mustard and pumpkin are all perfect colors for the harvest holiday. Choose fall fabrics like wool, tweed, velvet, and corduroy for children during Thanksgiving, as they keep little ones warm and protected from the cool fall air.

For Little Girls

A beautiful, frilly dress is a great choice for your little princess for a formal Thanksgiving feast. Make sure you choose a dress with matching leggings so that your little angel doesn’t feel the chill in the air. For little girls, dresses with pretty, patterned bloomers or diaper covers are a perfect choice.

Selecting comfortable shoes that fit well is important if she’ll be doing a lot of running around and playing with siblings, cousins or other children. Ballet flats with a strap are great for active little girls as they combine style with comfort for little feet.

Headbands, necklaces and bracelets with Thanksgiving-themed charms make perfect accessories for your little girl’s outfit. Make your daughter feel extra special and all grown up for Thanksgiving Day by letting her carry a small purse with a few of her favorite toys.

For Little Boys

While suits are available for toddlers, a nice button-down shirt with a matching sweater vest is adorable and a more comfortable Thanksgiving meal attire. For a more casual Thanksgiving outfit, consider a t-shirt and pant set in vibrant fall colors.

Consider choosing shoes with easy fasteners instead of shoelaces for the active little guy so he can spend a fun day of play and you don’t have to fuss over untied shoelaces. Slip-on or loafer style shoes in tan and brown are great with both formal and casual outfits for Thanksgiving.


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