Decorate Your Porch and Door for Halloween

Halloween porch decorationWhen you get ready to decorate your home for Halloween, make a point to concentrate on your porch and front door to set the right mood for visitors, party guests and trick-or-treaters. Giving your porch and door a Halloween makeover will delight the little trick-or-treaters as they clamber up your stairs on Halloween night. Here are some suggestions for decorating your porch and door for Halloween.

What better than pumpkins?

Jack-o-lanterns or Halloween pumpkins have been an integral part of Halloween decorating for decades. Decorate your front porch by placing Halloween pumpkins on the steps or alongside the door. This is a good option if you don’t want to scare little trick-or-treaters but just want to have a festive setting.

You can also use inflatable pumpkins that light up or hang pumpkin lanterns along your porch. Set up toothy Jack-o-lanterns with evil grins for an eerie effect. A dim, orange glow will emanate from your porch, thrilling trick-or-treaters and passers-by.

Lighting to set the perfect mood

Hang string lights resembling drops of blood or eyeballs around or above your doorway for a spooky effect. Or drape a string of dangling skull lights around porch pillars and railings. Place large spider webs that glow across your railings or around your front door to create an ancient-looking haunted house. To add a chilling, eerie atmosphere, use flickering or blinking lights.

Spooky props to greet your guests

Imagine standing on a porch that has a chair with a life-sized skeleton sitting on it. Let scary props greet your guests and trick-or-treaters before you even open the door. Place inflatable mummies, vampires and werewolves on your porch or next to the door.

Set a realistic crow on your porch railing for an ominous feel or fill a plastic container with glowing spiders, skulls or bats for a creepy touch. You can also hang animated bats with gleaming red eyes for a gothic effect.

Don’t forget the door

Decorate your front door by hanging a “Beware” or “Danger” sign on it. Door panels with pictures of wicked witches and other scary figures that light up and emit eerie sounds are perfect to decorate your entrance and create a foreboding feeling. You can also hang a skeleton on your door or decorate your door frame with string lights.

Window posters needn’t only be used on windows. Stick a poster on the outside of your front door to make trick-or-treaters feel like they’re being watched by a ghoul or other grotesque monster.


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