Creative Gift Ideas and Activities to Celebrate Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Happy-mother's-dayYour mom devotes a huge chunk of her time to taking care of you 364 days a year, but when Mother’s Day rolls around, it’s your chance to shower your time and attention on her. This year, plan something special to let your mom know how much you care about her and appreciate her! Make this Mother’s Day one that she remembers, not just a day when she gets a bouquet of cut flowers.

Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts

Mom-pendantWhat moms want most isn’t necessarily more stuff, but rather gifts that take her particular interests or preferences into account. Some moms love the thought that goes into a gift, while others love that you chose something just for them.

As you’re brainstorming what your mother will love the most, consider some of these gift ideas:

  • Potted flowers and a homemade card: If your mom is the gardening type, get her a new plant for her garden or a hanging potted plant to go out on the porch. Add a homemade card that recognizes her for how well she’s nurtured you over the years.
  • Bath products and candles, plus a framed picture: Moms who love being pampered will enjoy bath products and candles so they can have a nice, relaxing soak. Also add a framed picture of mom with all her kids to go in her bedroom or bathroom.
  • Cleaning the house and a memory box: If your mom always seems busy, take some work off her hands by giving the house a good deep cleaning. You’ll want to give something that lasts, too, so put together a box of memories of the past year.
  • Jewelry and gift certificate for a night out: Moms who don’t get out much may enjoy jewelry to get dressed up and a gift certificate to somewhere special. Movie tickets for a date with your dad or a restaurant gift certificate are both great ideas.

Mother’s Day activities for the whole family

Gifts are special, but some moms would rather do something special as a family than just receive something on Mother’s Day. Brainstorm what your mom’s favorite activities are and get everything set up for the family to participate in one of these activities together.

  • Family dinner: Moms who are always protecting family dinner time will appreciate an extended family dinner. Prepare a meal she enjoys and come up with some fun conversation topics to discuss.
  • Family movie: Choose one of the movies your mom loves and set up a movie night at home for the whole family. Make some popcorn, get her favorite candy and enjoy her favorite movie together.
  • Family activity: Brainstorm some of your mom’s favorite activities, which may include things like hiking, gardening, shopping or having a picnic. Get the whole family together to do it with mom.
  • Spa day: Especially in a family with lots of girls, it’s great to put together a spa day for mom. You can either go out to a spa or get at-home spa treatments to keep the cost low and have a fun afternoon of pampering at home.

Whatever gift or activity you choose, get all of your siblings involved to make the day memorable for your mom. She’ll love seeing you all work together to pamper and appreciate her. Remember that heartfelt words and sentiments are one of the best ways to help her feel loved!

-by Lindsey Paholski


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  1. Cleaning the house would be one of my favorite possible Mother's Day gifts. I may need to drop some hints around here...

  2. Love the family activity idea! A fun hike sounds like a great tradition I would like to start if/when I become a mom.