Coordinate a Great Easter Outfit for Your Active Toddler

by Kathryn M. D’Imperio

The only thing more fun than picking out your own Easter dress is choosing one for your little girl, or a cute suit or outfit for your little boy. As a new mom, you can have a great influence on your child’s sense of style by starting while they’re young. Coordinating an Easter outfit for your toddler would be easy if you could just pick something adorable that photographs well, but anyone with a toddler — and anyone who survived raising a toddler —knows how much more goes into choosing toddler outfits than fashion and cuteness.girls with Easter bunny

Durability, comfort, and budget all factor into deciding what your little one should wear for Easter. As you begin to shop for your child’s Easter outfit, consider these tips on selecting clothing and shoes that will pass the toddler test.

Cute Easter outfits

Easter time often brings Easter egg hunts and time spent playing inside or outside with siblings or cousins. Consider durable fabrics like corduroy for your little boy’s pants to protect his knees from scrapes and to withstand all the crawling and scampering around. Look for stain-resistant dresses for your little girls, along with cute ribbons, bows, or flowers for their hair. (You can also find toddler dresses with cute bows and flowers on them.) If you’re worried about stains, look for dresses, suits and outfits with slightly darker colors. While pastels are especially popular around Easter time, try to avoid white clothing if you fear stains.

Patterned dresses and striped Easter dresses give a fresh burst of color with a look that can be casual as well as dressy. If choosing a dress, you might also want to pick out a coordinating cardigan. Consider going with bolder colors in addition to the standard pastels that are popular for Easter. If you feel your active toddler is just too energetic and too active for a dress, you can find adorable outfits in spring colors or designs that are perfect for Easter. Your little man will look so cute in a button-up shirt, vest, dress pants and clip-on necktie. Choose a cute khaki set, a black or navy set, or even a nice pair of corduroys and a sweater vest and dress shirt combo.

Another point of consideration when choosing an Easter dress for your girl and Easter suit or outfit for your boy is to make sure the clothing is machine washable (not hand wash or dry clean only) to give you less work to do after the fact. You’ll feel better knowing you can use your regular laundry stain removal tricks on your toddler’s clothes as he or she is playing, running around, and getting into things.

Easter Shoes for Toddlers

Once you have the Easter outfit figured out, don’t forget about your little one’s feet. Choose an Easter shoe with a good grip and make sure the shoes are comfortable for your child. You can get everyday shoes that your child will get to wear time and again, or a nice pair that he or she may grow out of in a matter of weeks or months. Look into white, black, or color coordinating Mary Janes for your young daughter, or cute brown or black slip-ons for your young son. Shoes with Velcro can be a lifesaver when you’re busy chasing your kids around. Who has time to deal with shoelaces these days, anyway?


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