Christmas Craft Activities for Children

Christmas Craft Activities for Children

Christmas activities for children can be fun for the whole family. It’s great to watch your kids’ creativity blossom and see their amazing ideas come to life. With a little help, children can make decorations and gifts that parents and grandparents will treasure.

construction paperKids Christmas crafts

Simple crafts teach young children to express themselves while they develop coordination and self-confidence. They can be messy, though. Be sure to cover your working surface with newspaper or a plastic sheet.
Scrap wreaths are easy for small children to make. You need construction paper or poster board, glue, and scraps of shiny, velvety or nicely printed cloth. Shades of green make a pretty wreath, but so do multicolored prints. To get ready, cut your fabric into rectangles, triangles, diamond shapes – or all three. Put a piece of paper in front of each child and draw a circle on it with liquid glue. Each child then sticks scraps around the circle, then add another glue circle until the wreath is fully formed. Three circles are usually enough, depending on the size of your cutouts. Finish with a red bow if you like.
Crayola  Kids' Paint, WashableA button wreath is a more complicated project that takes time and patience. It’s a project for an older child. Cut a circle from cardboard and sew an assortment of buttons onto the circle, placing them close enough to hide the cardboard. Finish with a bow and a yarn hanging loop.
Wrapping paper is easy to make with sponge printing, and kids of all ages enjoy doing it. Cut synthetic sponges into seasonal shapes, or use natural sponges for free-form designs. Fill Styrofoam meat trays or coated paper plates with a thin layer of washable paint, and let your kids dip and daub onto printer paper, newsprint or drawing paper. This is fun, but messy!

Christmas art activities

Refrigerator art is one thing, but you can bump it up a notch with a classic frame. Encourage your child to paint a family portrait or a picture of the family pet. Pictures like these become true keepsakes and make a lovely gift for grandparents.
Collages made with a Christmas theme are welcome gifts, too. Have kids put together shapes cut or torn from magazines. Kids are naturally creative, and Christmas activities for children encourage them to make the most of their talents.


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