5 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party on a Budget

5 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party on a Budget

Great holiday party ideas don’t have to cost a fortune. Plan a magical holiday gathering for family and friends while sticking to a budget by following 5 simple tips.

Trim the guest list

An intimate gathering of close friends can make for the most memorable and special holiday party of the season. By keeping the guest list to 10 or 11, it’s easy to keep costs down. With fewer guests, it’s also easier to plan a sit-down meal, even when on a budget. However, if you prefer to host a larger event, an open-house style party may work best. When hosting an open-house holiday party, food stations are ideal and more cost-effective than hiring a serving staff.

Send out electronic invitations or Evites

Between the cost of postage and paper invitations, an electronic invitation or Evite for your holiday party can keep the budget on track. Consider an online electronic invitation service or use social media. If you’re friends with your guests on Facebook, you can send the invitation through social media, but don’t simply post it as a status. Take the time and send the invitations as individual, personal messages. Be sure to include all important information: date, time, place, R.S.V.P. date and any other special details such as the type of party if there is a theme.

kenmore slow cookerCut the caterer

Making the food yourself saves money. There are many delicious party recipes on a budget that even a novice cook can create and serve. Keep hors d’oeuvres simple by buying pre-made goodies, eliminating the need to cook from scratch and having to buy multiple one-time use ingredients. Barbecue-style meatballs, savory-filled pastry puffs and stuffed mushrooms are a good start and won’t break the bank. If offering food stations or a buffet table, consider serving hot foods in a Kenmore Triple Slow Cooker. With three 1.5-quart crocks, keeping side dishes hot and ready is easy.

Buy in bulk

Cost per item typically is cheaper when buying a larger quantity. Often you can find frozen hors d’oeuvres, boxed holiday candy and quality paper goods without having to shop at a warehouse store. You can always find party savings on items such as white Vanity Fair napkins if you comparison shop. A package of 100 costs less than $3 at Kmart. Dress up the white napkin for the holiday with napkin rings made from red and green ribbons.

Shatterproof Ornaments

Décor and little touches

Cheap Xmas party ideas don’t have to look cheap. If having a sit-down meal, forgo fancy printed place cards and instead get creative and make unique name cards using shatterproof ornaments. Write the name of each guest on an ornament and set at the place setting. The ornament also doubles as a take-home gift. Stylishly arrange shatterproof ornaments in a large clear vase or in a bowl for a quick, inexpensive centerpiece that looks attractive on a dessert or dining table. Forget pricey fresh greenery; choose spools of festive holiday ribbons instead, wrapping the ribbons around front porch columns and stairway banisters.


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