5 Great Grab Bag Gift Ideas

Christmas gift exchangeby Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Instead of a traditional gift exchange for the holidays, you can have a lot of fun with a grab bag exchange. Consider planning your grab bag exchange along a common theme, for example, a food and wine grab bag exchange. You can also have a mystery grab bag exchange with items that anyone would enjoy.

Finding the most exciting gift for your grab bag is half the fun, so let’s get started. With these five fun grab bag gift ideas, you can be the hit of the party.

  1. Wine Themed Grab Bag – Choose the Artland® Splash Wine Set of 4 with Gift Box for your adult grab bag exchange. A pretty burst of color in the stem and the base of the glass makes it easy for your friends to always know which glass of vino is theirs, even without the wine charm. This lovely set of four glasses will make you look like an expert shopper, even if you’re rushing for a grab bag gift at the last minute. The included gift box is a nice finishing touch. ($27)
  2. Tools and Gadgets Grab Bag – You can give a gift that keeps giving with the Craftsman Evolv 24 pc. Homeowner Tool Set. This kit includes everything you need as a new homeowner, from a screwdriver set, hammer, and pliers to the utilitarian tool bag that pulls it all together. While the guys tend to love gadgets in general, the stylish lime green and charcoal color scheme makes this tool set perfect for anyone. ($30)
  3. Kitchen Fun Grab Bag – Spice up your friends’ cooking routines and drink menus with the As Seen On TV  Magic Bullet™ Express 17-Piece Blender Set. You may even get to enjoy some of the wonderful creations this great kitchen gadget cranks out, like tasty dips, delightful drinks, milkshakes, smoothies and more. Your lucky gift recipient can even mix up sauces, homemade baby food and countless other concoctions. ($50)
  4. Board Game Grab Bag – The fun never ends when playing games with your friends. You can liven up the party by giving the Apples to Apples Family Game as a gift. This truly enjoyable board game lets you see how well you know your friends and how well they know you. Find the best card in your hand to match the card played by the judge. Your pals are sure to love this hilarious party game! ($20)
  5. New Release Grab Bag – Give the gift of a new DVD or Blu-ray movie from the year’s greatest hits. Choose a title that anyone would probably enjoy, like a comedy or an action-packed drama flick like The Hunger Games. ($27)

What’s the best grab bag gift you’ve ever received? Share with the community in the Comments section below.


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  1. Our family has been doing this for about 25 years...its alot of fun...25.00 limit...you can find alot of great things for 25.00 at kmart.

  2. The best grab bag gift I have received was a homemade potholder. It wasn't an expensive item, but, it was something from the person's own hands.