Top 5 New Year’s Health Resolutions

Top 5 New Year’s Health Resolutions

Let this New Year be the one when you make and keep resolutions that improve your body and health.

Drink more water

Set yourself up for success by starting with a small and simple change to your lifestyle. When you get thirsty, grab a glass of water rather than a diet soda or sugar-sweetened beverage. Getting into the habit of drinking water reduces the number of calories you take in every day. Even better, a clinical trial reported in 2010 showed that people who drank 16 ounces of water before eating a meal lost more weight than people who didn’t drink water before dining.

Eat to live instead of living to eat

Giving up high-calorie salty and sugary foods that lack real nutritional value which you love is tough. You can do it, though, when you change the way you view food. Don’t eat to relieve stress or boredom. Break those patterns and eat to live by reaching for food only when hungry and cutting back on salt and sugar.

Aroma  6 Cup Rice Cooker Feed yourself fruits and vegetables

Making raw fruits and vegetables the centerpieces of your meals can strengthen your immune system. Expand your horizons and vary your eating habits by trying new fruits and veggies in salads, as steamed side dishes and for main courses. You can find plenty of delicious recipes for preparing meatless meals online that use ingredients and spices you’ve probably never considered. Dishes that contain high-protein, low-fat legumes or soy products can be very flavorful when prepared properly.

Seek out lean protein

Red meat is high in saturated fat, which is something you want to avoid if you hope to remain healthy in the New Year and live a long life. Try to eat fish at least once a week and buy more chicken or turkey. It’s important, however, not to deprive yourself of meats you love completely. Just eat them less often, consume smaller portions and choose very lean cuts.

Weslo  5.2T Crosswalk TreadmillExercise without overdoing it

Never start a new exercise program with a Rambo attitude. Set your workout goals too ambitiously, and you’re likely to pull a muscle or quit when you can’t jog a mile on a treadmill on day one. Most people fail because they expect too much of themselves too soon. Getting in shape takes time. There are no shortcuts to building cardiovascular stamina and muscle strength. If you persevere with a progressive exercise plan your doctor has signed off on while also following the other New Year’s resolutions above, you should be able to lose weight and become healthier overall.


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  1. Love this suggestion, definitely something I struggle with: "Eat to live instead of living to eat". Thanks for this great reminder!