Time-Saving Workout Tips for Busy Schedules

pushups in bedroomby Melissa Murphy

One of the main obstacles many people cite for not getting fit is the lack of time. How great would it be to be able to tone your muscles in just a few minutes each day? The good news is that the latest studies on the affects of exercise reveal that it doesn’t take as much time as once believed to sculpt your body if you do it right. McMaster University in Ontario, Canada found that people who did a combination of short-burst cardio and heavy strength-training for 90 minutes a week yielded the same results as people who did lower intensity cardio and lifted lighter weights for four and a half hours per week.

With time being one of our most precious commodities, it can be hard to get to the gym, much less spend hour after hour on a treadmill. That’s just not a practical answer for many people.  So instead of sweating longer, try sweating smarter. Here are a few time-saving workout tips.


Pick one day a week and go to a yoga class or get a DVD that you can do in your living room.  Yoga is an easy and fun way to stay flexible, tone muscles and increase strength. But be warned. You may enjoy it so much that you end up doing it more than once a week.

Cardio 2 Minutes at a Time

Did you know that you don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment to get a good cardio workout? You don’t even have to go outside for that matter. Simply do jumping jacks, jump rope, or jog on a mini trampoline during the commercial breaks while watching your favorite television program. The key to getting the most out of your cardio routine in the least amount of time is to really get after it for the first minute. After that, fall back to exercising at a lower-intensity for the remaining minute. Do this during one 30-minute sitcom each night and your cardio is done.

10-Minute Strength Training

It only takes a few minutes three times a week to rev your muscles up into building mode. And you don’t even need weights to do it – at least not at first. After a few minutes of warming up, set your kitchen timer and do push-ups, lunges and squats for 10 minutes. That’s it. The secret here is to keep your muscles challenged. As these exercises become easier, try upping the ante a bit by holding weights while you lunge and squat or doing push-ups with your feet on an incline.


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