Get the Most from Your Skin Cream in 3 Easy Steps

Get the Most from Your Skin Cream in 3 Easy Steps

Your quest for soft, smooth skin with fewer wrinkles might lead you to spare no cost when buying skin cream. No matter how religiously you apply even the world’s greatest skin care product, you won’t reap all the benefits unless you do the following three things.

Body Image  Bath GlovesStrip away dead skin cells

If your skin cream fails to work, you may be the problem. Your biggest mistake is probably failing to get your skin ready to absorb the product. Exfoliate twice each week. Not even the best skin cream can penetrate layers of dead skin cells. In addition to clearing away the barrier to skin creams, exfoliating makes your skin softer to the touch.

Clear your pores

You also need to clean hard, dried oil out of your pores if you want your skin cream to soak in and do its job. Consider making an appointment with a licensed esthetician every three weeks for a deep pore cleansing.

Customize your daily cleansing routine

Wash your face twice a day if your skin is normal or oily. Reduce that to once a day if your skin is dry. Any oils and dirt on your skin must be washed off before you apply a skin cream.
If you omit any of these steps from your skin care regimen, you’ll surely be wasting the money you spend on skin creams.


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