4 Great Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

4 Great Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Short days, holiday eating and snowy, icy conditions combine to make staying fit during winter a challenge. Instead of resigning yourself to gaining weight throughout the winter season, why not commit to staying fit? You don’t need to wait until spring. No matter how bleak the weather, outdoor and indoor exercise options abound.
Here are four fun ways to exercise all winter long. In addition to warding off weight gain, engaging in these activities may help you combat seasonal affective disorder. If nothing else, you won’t have to work as hard to reclaim your beach body once the sun returns and temperatures rise.

Athletech  Men's Fleece HoodieHike

Winter hiking is sometimes difficult, but it’s always fun. Visit your favorite local trails and parks to enjoy what nature offers. A long walk through a serene, snow-covered forest or a climb up a hill offers a beautiful view while increasing your cardiovascular health. Use caution when tackling slippery terrain, always bring water and dress warmly in layers. Also, schedule your hikes while taking account of the fact that the sun sets early. Being out in the wilderness after dark can be dangerous.

Ski or snowboard

Skiing and snowboarding are quintessential winter sports that provide great workouts for your legs, core muscles, heart and lungs. If speeding downhill is not your thing, give cross-country skiing a try. This poses much lower risk of injury while giving you the same physical benefits as running. Cross-country skiing is also a fun way to explore the countryside.


It’s easy to just sit on the couch and feel blue during the winter. Few activities warm your blood and lift your spirits faster than dancing. Whether you prefer to move to jazz, blues, rock, country or folk, seek out community events that let you socialize and boost your metabolism.

weightsLift weights

Weight training is usually done indoors, which means you can do it regardless of the weather. When you grow muscle, your metabolism works faster and you burn calories more rapidly and efficiently. In other words, having a well-toned body makes maintaining a low percentage of body fat a bit easier.


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