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Sensational Spring Blooms

One of the many things I love about planting this time of year is I get to enjoy amazing spring flowers that are already blooming in my garden. Creeping phlox and moss pink look like bright carpets of color when in bloom. Chives not only bring flavor to the kitchen, the balls of pink and lavender flowers are quite eye-catching in the garden. Rosemary’s blue flowers bring added attraction by enticing hummingbirds. And dianthus blooms happily in my culinary herb garden.

Kris BlogYet there are still some areas where more spring blooms would bring some much needed pizzazz, like a renovated perennial bed with empty spaces to fill, or a few empty containers in the courtyard garden. So even though it is late spring, I headed out to my local K-Mart and still found quite a selection of spring-to-summer blooming plants.

My new purchases are already bringing instant color to the garden: marigolds are planted near tomatoes, calabrachoas are tucked in containers, fuschias are enticing local hummingbirds in a hanging basket, and petunias now enliven some of the empty spaces in my perennial beds.

You still have time to enjoy these sensational spring blooms in your own garden. One of the keys to helping your new plant purchases flourish is to loosen the root ball before planting, and then to plant them in fertile, well-drained soil enriched with bone meal or rock dust. Just be sure to transplant them in the early morning or late evening, or on a cool, cloudy day. Maximize their blooms with compost or a liquid fertilizer for flowers, and remove spent flowers (deadheading) to help prolong the bloom season. So, what spring blooms will you be planting? Kris Wetherbee

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  1. Marigolds are a great companion in the garden as their nectar-rich blooms attract lady beetles, lacewings, and other beneficial insects that feast on bad bugs.

  2. We always plant marigolds near our tomatoes. I am not sure if they keep the bunnies away as much as we would like, but they look so pretty-love the contrasting colors with the tomatoes!

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