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Memorial Trees – Plant a Tree of Gratitude

Today I will not only be planting one of the more prominent feature in my yard, but I will be doing it with a heart filled with gratitude. Earlier this week I was shopping at my local Kmart store when I came across a redbud tree (Cercis). My dad always admired this tree for its fast growth and four-season appeal and had two growing in his own backyard. So I picked up a beautiful purple-leaved form called ‘Forest Pansy‘ and will be giving it a home to honor him and all that he taught me.

redbud tree

One of the first “gardening tidbits” he taught me was to dig a big hole–about 12 inches deeper and one-and-a-half to twice the width of the tree’s root ball. The key to creating a prime planting hole that will get your tree off and running is to not only loosen the soil in the hole’s sides and bottom, but to also mix in several shovelfuls of loamy topsoil or compost with the loose soil in the hole and the excavated soil; about 30 percent compost to 70 percent native soil is ideal. This will create a nice transition zone between the prime soil of the potted tree and your native soil.

When planting any container-grown tree or shrub, always water the container plant thoroughly, then fill the excavated hole with water and let it drain. Position the tree in the hole and fill in with your pre-mixed backfill soil. Gently firm the soil with your hand or foot to eliminate any air pockets, and water thoroughly.

The next time you shop at your local Kmart, stop by the garden center and buy a tree or shrub that reminds you of someone significant in your life.

” It’s not only a long-lasting tribute to someone you love, but also a place where memories are planted and gratitude grows. “ - Kris Wetherbee

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  1. This is so inspiring! I will be planting two patio trees to honor my parents. Thank you.

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