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Meet our New Gardening Expert- Kris Wetherbee

Kris-WetherbeeKmart Garden Solutions Center & Kmart Community is proud to present the extremely talented Kris Wetherbee, whose  extensive knowledge about all types of gardens is unfathomable. Kris is an expert who really knows her birds, bugs & butterflies and will be here on the community to provide some outstanding advice, answer all gardening queries and provide tips on how to enhance your garden and create happy homes for all types of winged wonders!

Kris will also be delivering interesting and informative blogs and developing recipes that will tantalize your taste buds!

With over 1,000 published articles to her credit, Kris Wetherbee has extensive experience working with editors and focusing each piece with a specific audience in mind. Her articles have appeared in a diversity of magazines, including The American Gardener, Country Living, Woman’s Day, Cooking Light, Garden Gate, Organic Gardening, Sunset, House & Garden, Coastal Living, Good Housekeeping, and Audobon . She is the author of Oregon Farmers’ Markets Cookbook & Guide, Washington Farmers’ Markets Cookbook & Guide, and Attracting BIRDS, BUTTERFLIES & Other WINGED WONDERS to Your Backyard (Sterling Publishing, April 2005).

As a public speaker and former certified organic market grower, she has shared her horticultural expertise, knowledge of wildlife, and passion for healthy foods throughout the Northwest. With many television and radio appearances to her credit–including ‘AM Northwest’ on KATU-TV in Portland, Oregon; ‘Henry’s Garden’ on KRON-TV in San Francisco; and ‘Holder Tonight’ on CJAD radio in Montreal, Canada–she is just as at home with the media as she is at her computer or the garden and kitchen.

Kris’s love for gardening and wildlife evolved while growing up in Southern California. Since then that love has become firmly rooted in Oregon, where she lives with her husband, Rick, and their three cats, flock of sheep, cows, and diversity of outdoor wildlife, including the occasional cougar.

You can ask any of your gardening questions and get them answered from Kris on our community!

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  1. Thank you Kris for all of your excellent advice! I really enjoy reading your answers to all of the questions and your blog! Thank you for sharing your expertise!

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