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How to Maintain Your Power Garden Equipment

A fantastic lawn and garden require a bit of work, some patience and the right tools. Your garden and lawn power equipment must be maintained regularly. Lawn and garden equipment that has been put away dirty, wet or grass-covered may rust and eventually may not perform as well as it should. How to Maintain Your Power Garden Equipment

Put lawn tools away

Leaving your garden equipment and lawn tools out in the elements increases the risk of rust. Rain and dewy grass are moisture your tools do not need. In addition, tools left out in the yard are easier for a thief to steal. features several varieties and styles of tool storage sheds ranging from a 30-cubic-foot shed to a 10-foot-by-12-foot cedar storage building.

Proper tool storage

Every tool needs its own storage space. Keep outdoor power equipment such as line trimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and pressure washers in their own space. Also keep cords retracted or bundled. Many outdoor power tools such as chain saws, trimmers and leaf blowers can be stored hanging up on heavy-duty hooks. Kmart offers both the Craftsman Hooktite™ Outdoor Power Hook system and the LocHook system. Store hoses in a reel cart, hose hanger or hose hideaway to keep them protected from excessive wear and tear.

Cleaning your outdoor power equipment sharpen law mower blade

Mowers, both riding and push, need to be cleaned after each mowing. Brush the grass from the mower deck with a broom—but only after the power to the mower has been turned off. Never clean or perform repairs on a power tool that is running. Mud or caked-on dirt can be removed with a stiff brush. If the mower deck needs to be rinsed with the hose, be sure to dry it thoroughly before parking for storage.

Clean the shield of your line trimmer after each use, removing grass clippings that often collect during trimming. A nylon paintbrush, old toothbrush or compressed air can be used to clean dust, dirt and debris from your chain saw after use. Use linseed oil or WD-40 to remove the sap that often collects on the blades of hedge trimmers.

Sharpen blades

Mower blades and other lawn power equipment such as chain saws and hedge trimmers need to be kept sharp. When these tools become dull, their cutting ability lessens. Sharp mower blades cut grass cleaner and easier than dull blades. offers several replacement mower blades when it’s time to replace broken blades.


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