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How to Increase Your Tomato Harvest

by Julie Bawden-Davis

Ripe, juicy tomatoes straight from the garden are the highlight of the vegetable gardening season. And the more tomatoes you can enjoy, the better. Consider the following tomato growing secrets for increasing your tomato harvest.

Choose appropriate varietiestomato plant

A great number of tomato varieties exist, and some do better in certain climates than others. Check with your local nursery or garden center to find the best varieties of tomato plants to grow in your area.

Provide adequate sunlight

Tomatoes require, at the minimum, six to eight hours of sun a day, and even more sun is better. Plant your garden in a sunny location and you’ll likely increase the health and harvest of your tomato garden.

Fertilize regularly

Tomato plants are heavy feeders. Feed the soil with an organic tomato fertilizer every two to three weeks and deliver nutrients directly to the plants via the leaves by applying a foliar fertilizer monthly.

Use a tomato bloom spray

A blossom set spray that contains a natural plant hormone can stimulate tomato plants to set fruit, even when conditions aren’t ideal. The hormone stimulates abundant flowering and fruit set, leading to the production of more and larger tomatoes.

Stimulate pollination

An inadequate number of pollinators like bees may reduce the number of blossoms that set on your tomato plants. Increase the likelihood of pollination by luring bees to your tomato garden with nectar plants like flowers. Also, spread pollen by shaking tomato branches containing flowers.

Pull back slightly on watering

Tomatoes that are slightly stressed from minor underwatering are more likely to shift into reproduction mode at the threat of drought, which triggers blooming and fruiting. Let the top 4 to 5 inches of soil dry out between waterings, and then water deeply and thoroughly.

Armed with all the knowledge you need to increase your tomato harvest, you can get to work ensuring that you have an abundance of tasty tomatoes this season.


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