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Holiday Decorating with Real Poinsettias

Holiday Decorating with Real Poinsettias

Decorating for the holidays requires enthusiasm, a little creativity and often ample amounts of red and green. Decorating with poinsettia plants is an easy way to add a splash of Christmas red to your holiday décor. The poinsettia, also known as the flame-leaf flower or lobster flower, is a member of the Spurge (Euphorbiaceae) family. It’s easy to use poinsettia plants as a beautiful addition to your holiday décor, both indoors and even outdoors if you live in a warmer region.

gold bowEntranceway grouping

Arrange three varying sizes of potted poinsettia plants on each side of your home’s front door. If you live in a warmer region, consider this type of décor for outside your door as a bright, festive arrangement to greet guests.
Caution: Don’t place poinsettia plants outdoors if your temperatures drop lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit anytime during the day or night. Poinsettias are tropical plants and do well in temperatures ranging from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. When displaying indoors, don’t keep the plant in drafty areas or close to a direct heat source. Generally on top of a fireplace mantle will be OK.
If you live in a cooler region, you can still decorate entrance doorways with a group of poinsettias. Simply place the plants indoors, three plants grouped and flanking each side of the front door area. Tie a glittering gold or silver bow on each plant to add a touch of elegance.

Red Candle Holiday Light SetRed-and-white basket display

Create a beautiful display to place near the Christmas tree, the front door or the stairs leading to your home’s second level, if you have one. Use a large no-handle wicker basket, three or four small potted red and white poinsettias, faux greenery and three battery-operated holiday candles. Opt for a red basket with white ribbon or a white basket with red ribbon for a candy cane look.

Poinsettia and floral centerpiece

Use a lush red poinsettia plant as the focal point of a stunning table centerpiece, ideal for your dining or buffet table. Set the poinsettia atop a Christmas table runner and add several silk flower picks in white to add a unique look. Complete the centerpiece with a bow to complement the room’s holiday décor colors and/or theme.

Pairing on fireplace mantle

Choose a poinsettia in your favorite color, matching it to the room’s décor. Opt for a medium-size plant, which often fits best on most mantles. Arrange the poinsettia along one side of the mantle paired with one of your favorite holiday pieces such as a treasured Nutcracker statue or figurines such as a snowman, Santa or even a whimsical penguin.
When shopping for poinsettia plants, look for robust plants with upright leaves. To find healthy, beautiful poinsettias at your local Kmart, use the store locator by simply entering your ZIP code.


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