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Get the Best Snow Shovel for Your Needs

Get the Best Snow Shovel for Your Needs

It’s essential to use the right type of snow shovel for your weather conditions, health, and terrain when you have to remove snow by hand. Three basic types of snow shovels offer different advantages in terms of how the white stuff gets moved and how much strength is required to complete the task.

snow pusherPush, don’t lift

A snow pusher with an extra-wide blade and a rubberized blade cap allows you to clear driveways, paths and decks of many inches of wet snow quickly and without lifting. It works like a manual snow blower. The National Safety Council actually recommends pushing snow rather than lifting and throwing it.

Scrape and scoop

A scooper-scraper snow shovel is ideal for clearing compacted snow from around cars, off narrow walkways and away from porch stairs. Look for one featuring a foot bar you can use as a lever when hefting heavy loads of snow. When dealing with thin snow or ice, you can flip the scoop over and use its blade like a windshield scraper.

Craftsman  Bent Handle Shovel Handle with ergonomics

A bent, almost S-shaped handle, on a snow shovel makes lifting loads of snow easier. This cuts down on muscle strain, which reduces the risk of back and shoulder injuries while also allowing you to work longer without becoming fatigued. Finding an ergonomically designed shovel with a nonslip grip and a shatter-resistant polycarbonate blade can also make snow removal more bearable.

Always practice shoveling safety

Shoveling snow off your driveway, outside steps and walkways can be great exercise. Completing this chore often works up a sweat and usually elevates your heart rate. For this reason, you should follow four important safety rules before donning your warm weather gear and breaking out your snow shovel:

  • Get your doctor’s permission to shovel if you have heart problems or trouble breathing.
  • Pace yourself, especially when shoveling heavy, wet snow.
  • Don’t work until you’re completely exhausted; frequent breaks are your friend.
  • The NSC recommends not shoveling immediately after eating or while smoking.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, now that I've thrown my back out again ! Just teasing - the article is not only timely, but completely apropos ! I've suffered a minor sprain, like many before, and I had already knew a lot of the info before-hand !
    So what I'll add is this - watch out on the steep angles of a driveway (my demise) because you can become fooled as to the angle of approach as I have !!! I'm serving a small sentence of 'home-time' as one could guess, due to that last shoveling occurrence ! Thanks for the article, Barb :):):)

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