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Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

Protection: The first rule of gardening, as any seasoned gardener knows, is to protect your skin and your joints while gardening.  It’s all too easy to strain your back or develop a painful sunburn when you are focused on your garden.  First, start by applying a layer of Badger Sunscreen.  This all natural sunscreen has received the highest rating for safety from the Environmental Working Group.  It’s effective and doesn’t contain any potentially toxic or harmful chemicals.

gardening glovesA floppy, wide brim hat will protect your face from harmful UV rays and shield your eyes from the sun.  Don’t forget a couple of pairs of gardening gloves which will keep your hands clean and protect them from sharp thorns and itchy weeds.

Finally, to protect your back from aches and strain, you may want to consider a work seat.  Step 2 makes a Garden Hopper work seat with smooth rolling wheels and a built in storage compartment for your small gardening tools.  It also comes fashioned with a handy beverage holder.  For those times when you would rather sit to garden than dig around on your hands and knees, this is the ideal solution.

Planting: So, you are ready to start planting.  Now that you have yourself covered, let’s talk about what tools you need to efficiently and effectively start your own garden.  Here are a few basics.

When you see the Craftsman name, you know that it’s a name you can trust to bring you high quality tools at very reasonable prices.  The Craftsman Evolv 5 Piece Garden Tool Set is no exception.  This kit – priced at just $19.99 – has most everything you need to get going (hand trowel, transplanting shovel, cultivator, padded knee board for cushion and a convenient carrying bag).

prunerAdd to that the Craftsman Evolv Deluxe Pruner and you have all the basic small hand tools needed to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

How about some larger tools for bigger jobs?  It’s helpful to have a garden hoe, as well as a four tine cultivator and a heavy-duty D Handle Digging Shovel.

Maintenance: Once your fruits and veggies have been planted, you’ll want to maintain and care for them long enough to yield a crop.  If you have planted tomatoes, a tomato cage is important to help your tomatoes grow up and off the ground where they can rot.

The Easy Roller Garden Cart makes it easy to transport all of your gardening tools, but also provides a receptacle for weeds.  Rather than leaving small piles of weeds around the yard and gathering them up later, streamline your weeding process by collecting them all in this lightweight cart.

And, you won’t want to forget to water your garden on a regular basis – especially in the days just after everything has been planted.  The easiest and most tangle free hose available is the coil hose.  This hose stretches up to 50 feet with ease and returns to a compact coil when you are through.  It’s every gardener’s dream.


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