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Gardening Tools for Fall – Wetherbee’s Must Haves

I don’t know about you, but about this time every year I start gathering together a group of garden tools that are essential for maintaining and preparing the garden and yard for fall. Early on I discovered that the right gardening tool or product can save time and strength as well as my back when working in the yard. After all, it only takes one broken handle, busted water hose or a back-breaking shovel to learn that it pays to be picky when it comes to tools of the trade.

Gardening tools are essential whether you garden on a deck or in a large backyard. And a tool that is efficient, effective and ergonomic can make time spent in the garden or yard that much more productive and enjoyable. So here is my list of indispensable tools for the fall season.


Fall Garden Tool List: 

1. Hoses

There are hoses designed to fit many different needs, but I especially like the durability and flexibility of Craftsman 5/8 in. x 50 ft. All Rubber Garden Hose. It’s a hose that withstands the elements both hot and cold–all important basics in a great garden hose.

2. Rakes

It’s the season for fallen leaves and reseeding lawns. Any lightweight rake with flexible tines makes fast work of leaves and clippings, like the Black & Decker Telescopic Fan Rake with its durable heat treated steel and soft comfort grip on the handle. And it’s priced just right. For heavy-duty trimmings and when reseeding lawns, a steel garden rake with a flathead is best. When turned over, the flathead is great for smoothing and leveling the soil for planting or reseeding.

3. Planting tools

Fall is also a great time for planting trees, shrubs and perennials. Traits that I look for in a shovel include a strong D-handle for added durability and leverage, a strong head-to-handle connection, a power step for fast and effective digging, and a comfortable grip. Same goes for a spade–just make sure it delivers a straight cut when sinking it in the ground. Craftsman fits the bill for both, with its D-Handle Garden Spade and Craftsman DHRP Shovel w/Fiberglass Handle.

4. Pruners, Loppers and Shears

There’s always some type of pruning or trimming chores to be done in fall, and key features that makes any pruning chore easier on your hands and wrist include ergonomic lightweight aluminum handles, a cushioned grip for comfort, a perfectly balanced feel, and non-stick coated blades for clean and easy cuts. That’s why my cutting tool of choice is Fiskars. I especially like their PowerGear line, which comes equipped with two gears to amplify the cutting force. Makes pruning chores a breeze to say the least. Three that I rely on include:

5. Lawn Seeders and Spreaders

Whether broadcasting seed or spreading fertilizer, seeders and spreaders are more efficient and easy to use than ever. They are available as hand held models, ones that roll, or models that fits any brand of lawn, yard or garden tractor. Whichever one suits your needs; make sure that it spreads the material evenly over the lawn and soil bed so that coverage is consistent throughout. And choose one with a bin that is big enough to accommodate the material being spread as well as controls that let you choose the amount of seed or fertilizer being distributed.


That said, I like the Craftsman seed and fertilizer spreader, which holds up to 200 pounds of seed, fertilizer, lime, sand or ice melt, covering up to 1 acre per load. And Scotts Edgeguard Mini Spreader is an effective and economical choice for spreading fertilizer with less waste and less cleanup required. - Kris Wetherbee

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