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Garden Tools Storage

I’m a firm believer that a well-organized desk makes you more productive, and a well-organized kitchen is more enjoyable to work in. When it comes to the garden, a well-organized system for storing your garden tools not only keeps tools right at hand and easily accessible, but it can also save you time, money and energy.

Whether you use a tool caddy, peg-board system, or full-scale garden shed, keeping your garden gear off the floor and protected from the elements keeps your tools in good working order for many years to come–hence, the money savings. Having your tools organized in such a way that they are easily accessible saves you the energy of having to move the potting soil in order to get to the wheelbarrow. And knowing exactly where your tools and garden gear are located saves you the headache and hassle of having to hunt down your favorite pair of pruners or not being able to find your sturdy garden gloves.

So instead of wasting time looking for a tool or heading to the store to buy a new pair of gloves because you can’t find your favorites, clear up the chaos and create a functional storage system instead. You’ll find a wide variety of storage solutions at your local Kmart or at Kmart’s online store.

I like to organize my garden gear and tools using three different systems: a mobile garden storage for smaller items; a wall rack or pegboard system for easy to access larger tools and equipment; and a small storage shed or area for rototillers, wheelbarrows, and less frequently used garden gear.

For mobile storage, think portable access for your garden trowel, hand digger and other everyday tools. Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy lets you keep tools, seeds, and other garden essentials within easy reach while gardening. You can even turn an old tool caddy or discarded mailbox into functional and attractive places to store smaller tools. And a trash can on wheels makes a portable storage system for a shovel, rake, and other long-handled tools.

For wall storage, a sports equipment organizer with shelves is one economical way to store your garden gear. Or try a simple wall rack system, such as Suncast’s Tool Hooks and Bracket or Sierra Tool Hooks. A pegboard system–complete with double pronged hooks for storing small tools and S-shaped hooks for hanging shovels and other long-handled tools–is also a great way to organize and save space.

Need more storage? Craftsman’s 22 cu. ft. Vertical Storage Shed  provides a practical solution for storing and protecting your long-handled garden tools and other garden accessories. Just make sure that the site where you choose to position your shed is easily accessible and close to where you’ll be using its contents the most.

Whichever way you decide to organize, having an organized storage system for your garden tools and supplies will help get things in order so you can work more efficiently and effectively in your yard. See you next week!

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  1. I am SO getting my husband that tool caddy for his birthday! We have a community garden plot, and he just puts them in a reusable grocery bag before he goes, getting it all muddy! That caddy is perfect!

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