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6 Ways to Water Your Garden

Early morning is the best time of day for watering your garden.  But, watering a garden daily in short bursts does not allow the plant roots opportunity to receive enough water to create the strong, deep root system needed for healthy plants. 6 Ways to Water Your GardenEstablished plants require deep but infrequent watering, about 1 inch of water per week.

When planning how to water your garden, consider these six watering methods.


Simply connecting a hose to an outdoor water spigot is one of the easiest ways to water a container garden. Attach a hose nozzle such as this ergonomically-designed rear trigger nozzle which features a lock-on water clip to allow for continuous water flow without having to squeeze the trigger. When watering container gardens, be sure to adjust the spray to a light setting and spray the base of the plants for the best saturation.


Oscillating sprinklers can work well for watering sections of the lawn. However, oscillating sprinklers send water high in the air instead of concentrating it toward the plants in the garden. Opt for a sprinkler that provides a heavier, lateral spray for your garden. Consider a low-ground watering sprinkler. Kmart has several sprinkler options, including the Claber Aqualux, which uniformly distributes water for low-ground watering and features a quick-connect hose adapter.

Root feeders

A root feeder inserts into the soil and delivers water to the plant’s roots. If used properly, a root feeder can deliver necessary water to roots easily and efficiently. Root feeders are ideal for watering trees, shrubs and plants with deep root systems.

Soaker hosesWatering Garden

A soaker hose provides effective garden watering by allowing water to seep gently from many tiny holes in the hose as it lies along the garden rows. Emily Green from the Los Angeles Times states, “How long you run the soaker depends on the composition and moisture content of your soil, your micro-climate and your water pressure.” Some soaker hoses like the InfiniFlo soaker flat can be used on top of the soil in the garden or buried beneath the soil.

Drip irrigation systems

A drip irrigation system works under the same concept as a soaker hose — water is dripped slowly and steadily into the soil for efficient saturation. A drip irrigation requires a collection of tubing with emitters needed to “drip” water at the plant’s base. This system installs along the rows of plants in the garden.


A basin is an easy way to provide water to a small number of plants. Simply create a doughnut-style depression in the soil around the plant to build a furrow for trapping water. Generally, a two-foot diameter basin works for most plants. Basin watering allows for slower saturation, similar to the soaker hose method.


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