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  • When you pre order a game or console from any other store in the entire universe it arrives on launch day. Why is it that Kmart can’t do the same? I pre ordered on 23 July and they say it shipped on 20 november, but won’t be here until 3 December? Bush league!

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  • Hi superfitz!

    Have you tried calling our Customer Service at 1-866-562-7848 to check on your delivery date? They might be able to provide you with further details.

    We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us!

    Ugh…don’t get me started with customer service. I called them already and they were no help. I also emailed them. They sent me two form letter replies that looked similar only were from different people. Pall they said was what I already told them in a previous email. They answered exactly 0% of my questions.

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