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  • What Is Your Favorite New Year’s Eve Appetizer?

  • We love to have trays of finger foods on New Year’s Eve while watching some of our favorite movies.

    Two of our favorite appetizers are the famous “Chex Mix” and rolling peppercini’s and cream cheese into a thin slice of salami.

    What are your favorites?

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  • Those sound great !
    I also like your basic breaded hot wing (not buffalo style), egg rolls, deviled eggs and jalapeno poppers, with cream cheese or cheddar ! But alas, I won’t be having any of those… Gonna stick to something healthy and tasteless, lol ! Enjoy yourselves this year, everyone !

    Good Morning Yobarps!

    Those sound really good too! My son and I have always liked the spicy hot wings, but of course I have to watch those these days as well as the poppers! Love those spicy foods, just wish my tummy could handle them LOL

    Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy bringing in the New Year!

    My tummy can’t take any of that good stuff anymore either, Wendy :( :(
    And simply taking a Zantac or similar item everyday can’t be good for us, I wouldn’t believe…

    Perhaps a yogurt smoothie first might give me a decent buffer :) ! I would hate to miss out altogether !

    I love veggies and dill dip and/or veggies and hummus! I am trying to focus on healthier foods after indulging a bit over the holidays so I am planning to bring options I will eat to the event I am attending!

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    I’ll be into those too for a while, Laurel {^^,]. Even my ‘relaxed’ clothing is a tad snugger from the holidays, LOL !

    I’ll be into those too for a while, Laurel {^^,]. Even my ‘relaxed’ clothing is a tad snugger from the holidays, LOL !

    I totally know what you mean, yobarps!!

    And a wonderful New Year to you as well, my wonderful friend :) ! You’ll be where you want to be in no time, I’m sure ;) !

    How did it go sticking to your diet plans for New Years?

    I have to say I am very proud of sticking to my fruit and veggie tray and only have 2 more pounds to lose to get back to my diet weight before the holidays. LOL

    As for the Zantac yobarps? I had to switch to prilosec for it had stopped working for me. But I do have to say with the new diet I am on that I barely even take it anymore unless I decide to eat pizza, tacos or burritos which is rare these past 3 months.

    Happy New Year!

    Usually I bake but this year had a coupon and bought the cookies. I wish everyone a year that will hopefully bring some sort of contentment? At the moment thinking better days and some happy moments

    Thanks for the wishes, For2Day ! I wish that same contentment right back atcha :) !

    Wendy, you’ve hit it on the head – my regular diet is fine until I go into those same foods (a rare occasion) :) ! I personally used my 2 adult kid’s visits during the holidays to splurge at seafood venues, delivered pizza and the such… So I’ve put on a few more pounds than you, I’m sure, LOL ! Also, I haven’t been walking after work like I used to, so I’ve got some major catching up to do, my friends ! I’ve got a rowing machine that I need to set up and get on soon ;) !

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