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  • What are your favorite songs out right now?

  • There is a lot of good music coming out right now! I’m digging Lady Gaga’s “Applause” and Katy Perry’s “Roar”. Good dance music!

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  • I am a country girl, and am really liking Keith Urban with “Little Bit of Everything”!

    I do have to admit though that Katy Perry’s “Roar” is great too. My grand-daughter really enjoys watching her video, probably because of all the animals LOL

    I am also loving “Applause”, too! Can’t wait to hear more new Justin Timberlake. That is one artist both my kids and I can agree on!

    I love Roar too! My pandora radio has been stuck on Ellie Goulding and Pretty Lights lately when I exercise. I like the fast tempo tunes for running!

    “Favorite new songs? ..”

    Probably Lady Gaga.

    I dont listen to the radio, not a fan of most of the stuff that’s coming out these days. Stuff that I am listening to right now is a wide range, Barenaked Ladies, Mutemath, Cary Brothers, T.I. The Neighbourhood, Imagine Dragons, Frank Ocean, M83, A Perfect Circle, Circa Survive. Some of new, some of it older.

    Wow…. I now know that I’m at least 5O+ – I have absolutely no idea who ANY of the artists that were listed in this entire category are ! :D !
    The closest that I could come was Perfect Circle, but it was done by the Pat Metheny Group (contemporary jazz genre), LOL !

    It’s okay though… There’s gotta be at least One person out there who is into my genres of New Age, Brazilian and contemporary Jazz… Even Smooth jazz is welcomed :) :) !

    The closest that I could come was Perfect Circle, but it was done by the Pat Metheny Group (contemporary jazz genre), LOL !

    …. And their title was “First Circle” , now that I think about it :) :)

    The only name I recognize from your list firefighter22 is the first one. I am not sure of their music though LOL

    I have been listening to quite a bit of the jazz, soft rock, oldies, Blues and R&B lately. Instead of having a tv show on for background noise I have been going through the tv stations and listening to music. WOW! It has been amazing to hear some of those old songs. :-)

    well now is the time to listen to some new music!! Wendy you’d probably like the Cary Brothers. Soft Rock. Check out their song Someday. It’s on youtube.

    I believe you are right firefighter22! I try to stay current with my kids, but as I continue to get older it just gives me a headache LOL

    I will definitely give the Cary Brothers a try, it may also be that I know their music but just not their names. Super bad about that!

    Have a wonderful Monday!

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