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  • What Are Your Favorite Decorations You Use Most During Christmas?

  • My favorite decorations that I use most are Christmas lights and garland.

    I love stringing lights through my garland and placing all around the living room to brighten it up. My family loves the glow in the evening along with the burning of candles!

    Do you have favorite decorations and why are they your favorites?

    I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Hey, I made a purchase but did not get everything and doubt they will have the rest on-line-so was disappointed but won’t say how low the price went. Did I say price? I think I have to find out what actually is on this site because never knew some of the brands since I don’t go to the store. I like the cute stuff which were inexpensive, but seem to be at the stores. Yes, I found some more. I had some in my cart but it either was too late because I am really slow, or maybe was unavailable for shipping. Is it only for the Winter Holiday time? Or they bring in for year round, then I can try and catch a different season though guess that is awhile off. Really cold now and I can’t find my gloves and hat.

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