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  • What Are Your Favorite Decorations You Use Most During Christmas?

  • My favorite decorations that I use most are Christmas lights and garland.

    I love stringing lights through my garland and placing all around the living room to brighten it up. My family loves the glow in the evening along with the burning of candles!

    Do you have favorite decorations and why are they your favorites?

    I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • It’s been a few years since I’ve decorated for Christmas. My Halloween decorating this year was a break in a 10-15 yr. hiatus !
    I don’t know if I’ll decorate, but I do Thoroughly enjoy looking at the festive hotspots of decorators all over northern Illinois and Indiana ! So my favorite decoration is the magenta or neon-cobalt blue light that’s found in various displays. And don’t forget the Lenhertz Ave. neighborhood drive in Aurora IL again this year, for an unforgettable viewing :) :) !


    It is good to see you back in the MyKmart Community!

    We have a place here called the Botanical Gardens at Shore Acres that we will be taking my grand-daughter too next weekend. Throughout this amazing garden, they decorate with festive lights. So far we are still exploring on the hot spots for spectacular lights during the Christmas season and have only found a few houses close to home. It looks like we will have to travel 20-25 minutes into town to see if they have any places in town. My grandbaby loves the adventure!

    I hope you are doing well and the grave yard shifts have been completed! :-)

    It is good to see you back in the MyKmart Community!

    Why, thank you, Wendy !!! I’m enjoying a fresh brew of perk as I revisit all of my favorite places ! Back to normal for the most part, and happy to hear from a sweet friend this morn !

    And I appreciate the link you’ve provided ! WOW, what a wonderful site :D !

    I have just finished my second cup LOL

    I am glad you enjoyed the link. It is quite breathtaking each time I visit! Hot cider is always served for those who come which is also mighty tasty! I am so excited to be going next Saturday after my shift and hope it will be a star filled night!

    It shall be – I deem it so, anyway {^^,!

    Enjoy a marvelous time Saturday ! And think of me when you partake in those treats !!!

    I would say the ones that remind me of the old days, but someone has boxed those up tight away in the closet out of my reach. I think the dust has made a new decoration on them. That would not be me.

    So, I then have to say the one’s? I made when the kid in the family thought I was just the most. I did not say the most what. He just would not stop being fascinated. Did not last long and since then decided to use them myself. Almost gave a few away to someone who decorates.

    Shall I tell everyone how to deal with bored (very young age-maybe toddler plus age). Have a low level sock drawer and find out, but it has to have many colors and types. It can last for hours and then they decide to nap. So, then guess who loves mismatched socks. At least they learn color coordination. I just added that because thinking of this topic brought back memories. There is a funny end to the story but not sure everyone wants to hear it.

    Certainly we do ! You’ve peaked the general curiosity {,] !

    There is a new story coming up and it involves me. I have been waiting forever for 1 product and late today got an e-mail showing me free shipping but from Sears. So, I went to seek out the Kmart ad and my e-mail had stated it was so. But, not being too swift sometimes, I thought oh not really but decided to start viewing things to add to my wish list. I hate to say this, but I can’t get some of the cute stuff still, but that is right -finally found my free shipping. It is at the bottom with the promo code. So now, I have to play with my cart because I still want that bath scrubber really bad, and those Christmas things that are not available for shipping. So, Kmart offerings is now making me gamble with what I may order right now. I can get it in before my internet does not allow me. Problems you see for several days. So, it may take me hours because I only have a few hours and yes that is how long it takes me to decide. I think that I only have to the 31st to use my points and yes, I am off to try to.

    Hi For2Day!

    I love the thought of the mismatched socks. My grand-daughter is 3 and loves to help on sorting them out. What a fun activity to have them do and all the colors, sizes and concepts you can use in learning! Love it! I love hearing about others memories for most of the time they will trigger one of mine!

    What a wonderful share! :-)

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