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  • I am so happy the Walking Dead is back on AMC! Did anyone watch last night? I was super pleased with the first episode and look forward to seeing what happens next with the major cliff hanger at the end of the episode one.

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  • I don’t watch, but people just LOVE that show. I think I read somewhere that it is the most watched cable show EVER. More than The Sopranos which was hugely popular.

    I am an avid fan of this show!!

    It sure has you wondering what it going to take place for it was way to calm on the first episode. Everyone was at ease with each other as well as trust being built.

    I have my whole family hooked on it in Oregon and my son has the rest hooked on it in California for he had everyone watch the re-runs since he moved over a month ago.

    Quite a few good actors have been killed off and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they do not remove Daryl!

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