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  • I am trying to find a Sunoco I can use my rewards at. I called customer service for Kmart 2 and both times they connected me to BP rewards. I even told the woman the second time I don’t want to be connected to BP I want Sunoco.
    Any how can you please tell me how to find any participating Sunocos in either 18426 PA or 07480 Nj areas. Is there a website that is helpful? If so please can you let me know.

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  • Hi Lisahertz,

    Welcome to the MyKmart Forum!

    Your nearest Sunoco locations are:
    1174 Mt Cobb Rd Lake Ariel PA which is 25 miles from zip code 18426
    335 17 Southbound Paramus NJ which is 18 miles from zip code 07480

    I hope this helps and please reach out if you need further assistance!

    Thank you!

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