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  • Shop for Halloween AFTER Halloween?

  • Do you ever buy costumes the day or two after Halloween for the next year? I always think about it, but have never done so. They are always a great deal, though!

    I do normally try to head over to Kmart to see if there are any reduced price decor items-I have gotten a few fun things for the house that way!

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  • Hi Julie,

    We use to! But now that the little one is getting bigger it would be a great idea to start up again. Especially now that she has experienced all the scary decor, we can definitely purchase the ones she had seen last night.

    It will be nice to start decorating for Halloween again!

    Yes, in my out’n about I’ll look for reduced décor items too. This was the first since ages ago that I decorated the front of the house ! And I hardly had any battery leakage damage from a neglected pack job of that past, believe it or not ! I’ll be looking today now for sure, thanks to this thread :) :):) !

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