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  • I’ve been ordering from Sears/ for a few years now but noticed something that should be changed regarding packaging of the merchandise for shipping.

    Here is an example of the problem at hand: Lets say a customer orders a small item such as a four pack package of AA batteries on The order arrives quite quickly a day or two later in a GIANT box you could fit something the size of a desktop computer in. I can’t forget to mention those batteries will be wrapped in a giant roll of bubble wrap type packaging to protect it.

    When free shipping is already offered for most customers like myself and then this sort of packaging practice is followed almost every time an order is placed, its going to cost the company money in the long run.

    Someone needs to be training these employees how to decipher correct box size and what would be considered “too much” protective wrapping. I don’t see them triple bagging items when you shop in-store because it would end up costing the company money so why over package?

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  • Hi izel!

    I have noticed this with most other stores as well. For example, not to long ago my daughter was ordering scrap booking items and some were shipped in over sized envelopes and boxes. These however were not free and I was upset that I was paying more for the envelope than anything else. Needless to say, I had emailed over 10 people who had shipped this way and was refunded majority of the money in shipping. As for the bigger companies so far it has been not to bad.


    Absolutely! I placed an order on Kmart(dot)com and since it was $59 it shipped free, it included a pack of 12 total Cheez-Its and Keebler cookeis in a small box. They however sent it in a very BIG, BIG box with lotsa poppable air-filled wrap in that large ole’ box for a little pack of crackers and cookies. However the GLO jeggings and even the big thing of Maxwell House coffee came in packaging appropriate for they’re size and weight. I agree that they should learn to pack, better for they’re THEM and the environment, much so in the long run.

    Are they thinking about that??

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