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  • Just a bit of major venting…
    I took another trip down the path of Kmart’s online store, only to be routed to the rough again ! I found a pair of running shoes there called Catapult, orange in color, wide in width and offered in my size in the Men’s section – Perfect !
    But when they came, I was rudely reminded of the prior 2 failed attempts using that site ! Not only were they not wide, they weren’t even men’s ! With all of these failed attempts it has become blatantly apparent to me that this site must be intentionally cross-matching items and misleading buyers about their true inventory !
    Now I do admit that it has now dawned on me that I am nowhere as learned a shopper as I probably need to be, and that this particular model is probably “well-known” as a women’s shoe offering by Kmart, but that doesn’t excuse it from listing it in the men’s section as a men’s style, width & size, if this is indeed the case !!!!!

    At any rate, I’m finished with trying to find shoes online at Kmart ! And I only went there because the TinleyPark SuperK was out of my size in a particular basketball sneaker that is not offered anymore sitting on the shelves there(Yes, late to the show again, I know)!

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  • Good Morning yobarps!

    I am so sorry to hear of your online experience. Can we help in locating this item for you?

    If you can provide the name of the shoe (is it just Catapult?), and shoe size we can reach out on our end to see if we can locate this item for you! Do you need us to check on the basketball sneaker too?

    Please provide additional details (name, size, link if possible or item number, and nearest store location) and we would be happy to try and help on locating these 2 items for you!

    It’s okay Wendy – I’ll just return the shoes at a store. I no longer have the patience to locate something that I haven’t tried on, so I’ll just keep visiting the store from time to time in the future, keeping an eye out for shoes that appeal to me… Thanks for the effort :)

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