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  • Lots of Clearance items out of stock

  • I’ve actually seen several items that had been out of stock on removed from the clearance pages only to be returned a few days later-only they’re still out of stock. Why do you return out of stock items to the sale pages and act like they’re now in stock when they are not? I’ve spent many frustrating days the last few weeks having to delete over a dozen items from my cart every time I try to make an order. I mentioned it on the Kmart Facebook page and the next day it appeared they finally got rid of these old, out of stock items, but today they were all back on again.

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  • Hi Lemonsquare,

    Is their a specific item or items that we can check on for you to see when they may be available?

    Let us know your thoughts for we would be happy to help in anyway that we can!

    Thank you!

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