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  • As a single mother of four children layaway at Kmart is really the only possible way for “Santa” to make a stop at our house. Usually I hire a sitter for a couple of hours drive to the nearest Kmart and do my best to fulfill all their requests, go back the weekend before Christmas and pick it up. I never have any problems at all. I did the same this year. Only when I went to pick up my layaway several of the items had gone on sale during the period from when I put them on layaway until I went to pick them up. I was pretty excited about that fact because according to my calculations by going thru the sale flyers and my layaway receipt I was going to save almost $165.00!!! That may not sounding much to you but to me, as the sole supporter of four children, it was breathing room to not have to spend my entire paycheck this week and still be able to get thru next week. Needless to say I was so excited!! When I went to the layaway desk I excitedly explained to the sales associate how it must be my lucky day and the reason why. She looked at me as if I was from another planet and said and I quote
    Her: “Um ma’am, unfortunately your day is not so lucky after all.”
    Me: “why?”
    Her: “you will not be getting the sale prices for these items.”
    Me: “Why not? The price has changed, I have not yet paid for these items and Walmart offers that type of program.”
    Her: “Well we are not Walmart now are we.” “Do you still want the layaway or not?”
    Me: “Of course I do, these are all of my children’s gifts.” “I do not understand why you will not give me the price the item is now, while I am paying for it?”
    Her: “Because we don’t!”
    I am certainly not going to humiliate myself any further by continuing this conversation with her. I paid the full price for all of my sales items, walked straight from the layaway to the customer service desk and started to explain the situation to them. They also said that they would not give me the sale price for the items. At that point it hit me that if they were going to be ridiculous that the only option I had wS to do this. I told the customer service desk lady that I would like to return my items that were on sale. I stood there for almost 15 min as she rang them all up, gave me back my money and then I asked her if I could please have them back so that I could go to the cashier to repurchase them for the sale price. She told me unfortunately it is their policy that once an item is returned there is a process that must occur before it goes back on the shelf!! Unreal! I had to go back thru the store and find all of those gifts again to purchase them at the sale price!!! Kmart, I have referred several
    People to your store, I have complimented your selection and your prices. I have been a loyal customer for more than 15 years. Tonight will be the last time I step foot in any of your facilities again. I plan to spread this same story on my Facebook,Twitter, the newspaper anyone who will listen to me! You have bigger issues than your rude sales people and your ridiculous “layaway policy”. You have just lost my business. Well Walmart, here I come. ;(

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  • Hi paznicole1,

    We appreciate you stopping in the MyKmart Community and sharing your layaway experience with us today.

    In researching our layaway further I had found a statement in our layaway FAQ – Except where prohibited by law, there will be no price adjustments after 7 days from the date you initiate your Layaway. Multiple price adjustments on the same items are not permitted. Price adjustments are not allowed on seasonal or clearance merchandise.

    I am very sorry to hear that our associates had not explained this further to you when you requested a price adjustment or that this information was not extended when you first initiated a new layaway contact.

    Again we thank you for taking the time to come in and share, for your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be shared with the appropriate department.

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