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  • How Do You Make Your Dumplings?

  • I am getting ready to make Chicken and Dumplings in a few days and noticed that I had lost my old recipe.

    Normally when I make this meal I use the crock pot and make the dumplings separately with an old microwave recipe. Unfortunately I am unable to even locate this recipe anywhere online so I am hoping that someone would like to share one of their favorites.

    The recipe does not have to be one for the microwave for I have used the recipe both ways and they had turned out light and tasty. I had tried using the Bisquick a while ago, but it did not taste or fluff the same as my old recipe.

    Any thoughts or recipes for me to try would be wonderful and greatly appreciated!

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  • I can’t answer your question, but I just wanted to show my admiration for those of you who actually go thru this tedious task ! Please send me a sample of your work, Wendy, LOL !

    I love eating, but I hate cooking… I miss my exes’ creations with a passion :) !

    Hi yobarps! Welcome to the forum!

    I use to love cooking, but when you are the only one cooking for over 30 years it gets a little old LOL There is nothing like experiencing someone else’s cooking that’s for sure!

    My first time ever cooking chicken and dumplings (was never taught so I was teaching myself), I did not know that I needed to de-bone the chicken, plus my dumplings came out very gooey mess, if you want to call it that! What a good laugh we all had!

    Good times!

    Oh wow – I’m sure that it was still tasty in it’s own way (”,) !
    Those are very good times, and you’ll have many more before it’s done ! ….It must be close to 20 years since I’ve had that dish, and my mom-in-law did it best (don’t tell my ex!)

    Well I was asked to try something new with my dumplings by using biscuits from the store. Sorry to say, this did not work out as well as I thought it would be for the website had many comments on how tasty they were and light and fluffy.

    I dropped quarter sized chucks into boiling broth and waited the 45 minute time, I guess I was expecting to have them look like they did with my old recipe, but they were not!They did cook all the way through, but the taste to me was not a dumpling, but more of a piece of bread.

    All I can say is it was a good thought to try, but not my kind of dumpling!

    I think I really need to find my old recipe!

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