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  • Have you bought your Halloween costumes yet?

  • I can’t believe it, but my boys have been set and ready to go with their costumes a week ago-earliest ever! One is going to be just this weird goofy guy in a blue body suit and a rainbow mowhawk and the other a football player from my alma mater. Easy and done!

    What are your kids going to be? Have you bought their costumes, yet? Are you dressing up, as well?

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  • Hi Julie,

    Yep! This will be my first time since the kids were little to be dressing up. Since this is Rhya’s first year out my daughter and I decided to dress up as a Vampress. The little one is going as a cute little Bumblebee!

    We thought for sure she would be dressing up as a Princess, but instead she chose the Bee outfit.

    How about you? Are you dressing up with the boys?

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