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  • Gym Membership or Home Gym!

  • Which do you prefer?

    If you prefer going to the Gym, do you find it easy and convenient with your busy schedule?

    If you prefer working out at home, do you find that you are diligently sticking to your work out schedule?

    I would love to hear your thoughts on how staying fit works into your schedule and if you have someone who helps you stay focused!

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  • I prefer both! I like to have the social aspect of going to the gym but also have a few free weights and work out DVDs to use at home in case I am unable to make it to the gym. I find I work harder when I am at the gym and being pushed by others!

    Thanks for your input Laurel!

    I was thinking of joining our local small Community Gym, but it really looks like there will not be much socializing there LOL. The good aspect is that it is a few blocks away, the bad is that I normally only see 1-2 cars there at a time, but it is a 24 hour gym too which I am loving the thought of joining!

    I have been doing a little bit of Yoga and strengthening my back slowly, still quite painful, but I am pushing through and am pleased to say that my weight loss is 10 pounds. I have 10 more to go but would like to push my self further by trying the gym to see which units will benefit me the most in purchasing later for home use.

    The girls will be moving out by the end of the month so I am strongly thinking of taking that quiet time for myself and taking the plunge back into a gym which has been over 25 years. :-)

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