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  • Goodbye KDollar :-(


    Not too long ago, it was the home of ‘Layaway Angels’ and holiday cheer. But after this holiday season, the Kmart in Bloomfield Township will close its doors. For good.

    The store, which converted to a KDollar discount center last year, is in the midst of its final two weeks on the township’s north side.

    All remaining merchandise-including clothes, toiletries, toys and even food- is marked between 40 percent and 70 percent off.

    The prices are also effective at the Sears that shares the same building. Refrigerators, high efficiency washers and ranges are discounted by between 30 percent and 50 percent

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  • Every time SHC decides it would be a great idea to spin off some version of a Kmart or Sears type of store such as KDollar, Sears Essential etc, they fail!

    Kdollar is an excellent concept as was the Sears Essential stores but the problem with these new ideas is the fact they were always opened up in former Kmart stores without little thought or effort into changing much. You can slap any name you want on a Kmart store but it will always be Kmart unless it has its own identity and the only way to make that happen is by updating these “new/old” locations before opening the doors.

    These new store ideas such are also doing nothing but killing Kmart quicker than these store would have died if just left as Kmart. Here is a better idea Mr. Lampert, put some money back into your remaining stores to save what is left or give up the company to someone who would rather see it succeed. This store closing trend has got to stop!

    “Kdollar is an excellent concept as was the Sears Essential stores”

    I think it was good idea that they cross-branded Sears and Kmart brands. Like Sears’ brands at Kmart stores. But I thought Sears Essentials terribly flawed idea. Better stick with good ole’ Sears and Kmart brands to each their own.

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